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Complications of Black & White
Catherine White/Bajt




* Wildlife artist Catherine White * born 1957 in Red Deer, AB, Canada *
* Now residing in Nanaimo, BC, Canada *
* Mother to three sons and married to Robert Bajt of Huskvarna, Sweden *

Catherine remembers always drawing or sketching something when she was young,
but it wasn't until 1982 that she discovered her ability to illustrate her passion for animals.
That was the beginning of her development as a multi-media artist.

These exquisite graphite drawings were the first birth. Her goal for each piece is to create personality. Something that you can look at and feel emotion. Something that will look back at you and convey a message ... of seeing.

In 1992, another evolvement. Cement! Mimicking ancient cultures from around the world, her cement sculpts are fully hands-on. Each piece, from the ground up, is hand shaped and carved. Then she applies the finishing touch of acrylic paint - effectively sweeping you into tribal times of instinctual survival.

1997. A third child. The birth of acrylic paint on canvas! Catherine has reached freedom to express.

The First Child (Graphite) ~ Born to the Web April 6, 1998 at 10:30am Pacific
Take a Walk on Graphite

The Second Child (Cement) ~ Born to the Web April 6, 1998 at 7:15pm Pacific
Take a Walk on Cement

The Third Child (Canvas) ~ Born to the Web April 17, 1998 at 1:15pm Pacific
Take a Walk on Canvas

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